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Gorilla lugs

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What’s the difference in these lugs? 96643BDX vs 71643NBC. The first lug is more money. Is it a random spline vs the second being a traditional spline?
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Very good question, and yes, Gorilla web site sucks for technical information. Only thing I can find is a length difference on the cheaper one, which may be a problem? I know the BDX work because I have them on both the Hellcat and Durango. Other difference I found was BDX says "bulge" conical seat, while the other says "standard" conical seat. Comparing the photos (if they are accurate) shows the spline location to be different too? Confusing.
that would explain the price difference then, I think. Yes, the BDX are definitely all locking
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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