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got mine today

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haven't messed with it much yet but, seems pretty b/a


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Nice car, welcome to the owners club..I and others look forward to your thoughts of the new car, please share with us
When I heard the hellcat was coming out and that said the price,I told me dealer to put me on the list, months before the order bank's opened,I remember telling him that I dint want to miss out on this one
Mine was the same, but came in Thursday night, I was there first thing Friday,, all day waiting..
I'm going to video the car, but the bad thing is I have no idea how to post them,,Its all I can do to post a picture,lol
Right, the problem I have with uploading anything is that it says file is to large for server, the pictures I can text myself and they resize and I can post them from my phone,, videos im sure will be a pia..
Story of my life , I need a tech person in my life
1 - 6 of 61 Posts
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