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got mine today

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haven't messed with it much yet but, seems pretty b/a


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haven't messed with it much yet but, seems pretty b/a
Is that a Phantom black one? Congrat's, my friend, what an awesome car! What transmission did you select? What state did you buy from, and did you have to pay above sticker price to get one so early?!
I like the Phantom Black! looks good
Righteous, that's what I desperately want! I 'ordered' Phantom Black with a six-speed, but apparently I'm just on a waiting list (have been for two months, with no status or encouragement except this site to keep me clinging to my otherwise hollow existence.)
also, got manual trans
Sweet street beast, for sure. Congrat's, especially on getting it for MSRP this early in the game. Perhaps you can soon post some additional pictures, and tell us some of your driving impressions and observations? Many of us have rather meager existences, just grasping at any clues or updates to status, in our quest for the near-mythical Hellcat.
Mine was the same, but came in Thursday night, I was there first thing Friday,, all day waiting..
You gonna be able to post some vids *particularly after the break-in is completed!
1 - 4 of 61 Posts
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