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Got stuck on dry pavement

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This was a new one. Drove my car over to a buddy's house to keep it in his garage for a few day's so I could do some work on my garage. My friend has a little bit of a sharp incline up his short driveway into his garage so when I pulled in, I came in at an angle so I wouldn't drag the front splitter. I started up the driveway and the car just stopped and rear wheel just started spinning like I had hit a patch of ice. Stopped, backed up and tried it again, same thing. So I'm sitting there half in half out of the driveway trying to figure out what the hell is going on when my buddy who has been watching the whole thing tells me my right rear wheel is coming completely off of the ground when I get over half way in the driveway. I finally got it in but I had to change the angle of my approach even more and had to do about 4 up and backs to get it in the garage door.
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With limited slip power will be delivered to both wheels and when one slips a little or loses a little traction like on snow then both tires will spin. However, if one tire is off the ground or almost off the ground with very little traction and the other side has all the weight on it then the free wheel will spin and not enough power will go to the other side to turn it. So nothing at all wrong, the diffs are working exactly the way they are supposed to. This is the reason why a locking diff is prefered for legit off roading.

My wife got her Toyota FJ stuck in this way with both front and rear tire spinning. She was very pissed off and had to walk a mile home on dirt with no shoes. Then I showed up and pressed the elocker button and walked it out of the hole almost at idle.
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