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Got tired of the game

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Got tired of the allocatetion game ,
So I went proactive and bought one off the lot today !!
I will pick it up in the morning .pad a 4k over MSRP . But with having 6k down with 2 outher dealers with no vin and returnable deposits I declare this a WIN.
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this is what im going to do, im simply waiting until they are selling at msrp this way.

your order may take until summer or never be picked a few months those still waiting will just buy one off the lot and F their ordered cars...this is why i wont order from Dodge again...ordered cars are last, dealer cars are first
Aren't all orders, dealer orders.... We know of a dealership in Northern Michigan that had two allocations and a long term customer took those to build what they wanted. He went back for a third and said they had no more allocations. It seems as though the stories change depending on where you are and who you are dealing with....
1 - 1 of 80 Posts
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