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I do and I did, but my comments went straight to Chrysler. I told them what I thought and how I felt they were mistreating their customers and that they needed to monitor Hellcat.ORG to see how things have turned the last 2 months. I sent it to the SRT group. I need a good email address so I can unload
Your've been on this site a few more days than I. You have good judgement, so trust your instinct. As far as Chrysler:
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Remember, back in Sept/Oct I sent a pointed e-mail to Kristin Starnes about our feelings about the "Allotment
Philosophy" from Tim K. I asked her to forward to Tim....
Long story short, never heard from them..... sort of like the dysfunctional VOTS system....:p:p:p
BTW.... I noticed they took down the e-mail addresses for the contacts on their site...I wonder why?...;);)...too many piss** off Mopar owners......
1 - 1 of 80 Posts
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