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Got Xpel pricing

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The authorized installer in Michigan just emailed me the prices for Xpel. I had both my 14 SRT Jeep and my 12 SRT Charger done by him with 3M. This is a must do for me as soon as I get my ride, clay bar, polish and wax. Love that he's done a few Hellcats for Chrysler!

"Xpel film is excellent, and we stock it. I just did some hellcats for Chrysler . We have two options(as of right now). Bumper, partial hood, fenders and mirrors for $995, and bumper FULL HOOD, FULL FENDERS and mirrors for $2195. Kits aren't available yet, but I did bulk installations on the first 5 and they came out great. Kits should be available by the time you get your car. Keep in touch as the date gets closer and we can go over your options. Thanks, Larry"
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