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Grand Cherokee srt or challenger srt?

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Hey everyone,

Sorry, I’m not purchasing a hellcat. However I am purchasing either a 2018 challenger srt or a Jeep Grand Cherokee srt 2018. I was hoping to pick your knowledgeable brains a bit.

Two questions:

1) Which of the below is the better deal?

2) challenger or Jeep? And why? Opinions welcomed.

2018 Challenger srt 34000 km/21250 miles. 58995$
^ fully loaded, full leather , sunroof , etc.

2nd challenger option:

Same vehicle , 50000km + 16,000 deer collision , 5


2018 Jeep srt 70,000km/43750 miles
Fully loaded
63000$ Canadian

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee 89000km/55625 miles fully loaded
FREE 140,000 km bumper to bumper warranty or until 2024.

Has some wear and tear: rocker guard has a scuff, fender has a scuff, lots of rock chips on driver side and front end.


Would you pick the grand Cherokee or challenger and why? Is the Jeep a lot slower?

comparing the two jeeps, what’s better?
Comparing the two challengers what’s better?

Resale is important to me, reliability,I have a big dog that needs space and finally fun factor.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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