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Grand Cherokee srt or challenger srt?

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Hey everyone,

Sorry, I’m not purchasing a hellcat. However I am purchasing either a 2018 challenger srt or a Jeep Grand Cherokee srt 2018. I was hoping to pick your knowledgeable brains a bit.

Two questions:

1) Which of the below is the better deal?

2) challenger or Jeep? And why? Opinions welcomed.

2018 Challenger srt 34000 km/21250 miles. 58995$
^ fully loaded, full leather , sunroof , etc.

2nd challenger option:

Same vehicle , 50000km + 16,000 deer collision , 5


2018 Jeep srt 70,000km/43750 miles
Fully loaded
63000$ Canadian

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee 89000km/55625 miles fully loaded
FREE 140,000 km bumper to bumper warranty or until 2024.

Has some wear and tear: rocker guard has a scuff, fender has a scuff, lots of rock chips on driver side and front end.


Would you pick the grand Cherokee or challenger and why? Is the Jeep a lot slower?

comparing the two jeeps, what’s better?
Comparing the two challengers what’s better?

Resale is important to me, reliability,I have a big dog that needs space and finally fun factor.
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I’d say it depends on your use/wants/needs. Bang for the buck the Jeep is the way to go. 4wd alone makes it extremely attractive. Ive often thought about one myself. With that being said would I trade my Challenger for one? Not right now no. There’s something really satisfying about having it. This is my third one and I cant really imagine not having one, even if deep down I know I’d get more use out of the Jeep. Ever since ‘08 I’ve been in love with the Challenger.
The Jeep makes more sense but if you find yourself staring at and longing for a Challenger, that probably wont stop until you have one.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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