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Granite Crystal Hellcat Order Cancelled

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Hey All,

I just canceled my order for a Granite Crystal Charger Hellcat with Black Laguna, Harmon Kardon Stereo, all-season tires. I found one in Wisconsin for a little over MSRP but it's sitting on the lot waiting for me, well worth a couple of G's to have it now. The one I ordered is still in BG VON status so you can change it to whatever you want at this point. My dealer is a smaller Dealer in Peotone IL and is the only Charger being ordered. He's selling it MSRP and pulls no punches. They are not fully canceling the order they're just going to let it ride, but by now you know the drill could be a long wait. However, if someone hasn't been able to order one because of the lock-out feel free to grab it up. The salesman I worked with is Corey Dockery.

PS - Tell him Jason referred you

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The VON is 33103315 and yes, it's being tracked in the Charger updates. Last I heard they were just receiving delivery of a Challenger in the beginning of May. In fact there's a thread on here where someone took a picture of it. Then they had one other Challenger ahead of my order. They were not filling orders based on Challenger or Charger, but by the order date which was fair. So, I assume, if the other Challenger didn't want to move to M6 there may be a chance. My theory is to call Corey and find out.
BTW, I love this car. It's amazing. One weird thing is that I live in Los angeles where there's thousands of badass cars and people stare and point at it asking me about it constantly. I still wish that I had the granite crystal, but the tri-coat black is still badass.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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