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Hi Guys,

We ordered the Widebody Redeye in the Octane color with the carbon stripes. Never been a stripe guy so this is a different experience. My wife helped out in the choice so I hope we made the right decision. Expecting the car in a couple of weeks.
We we on a road trip in Wyoming in late September. At a hotel we stayed at was a Cinnamon 392 Challenger with strobe graphics down the side of the car. Wish I had a picture of it. I was impressed with those simple graphics. I have looked at websites for these but most are for the big cat and other gaudy pictures, non of which I care for.
Anyone have these strobe graphics on their car? Any other input on where to look at examples? Maybe these aren't appropriate on a Redeye?

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Octane Red is beautiful in the sun. It has a lot of metal flake in it. And with the carbon stipes it will break it up pretty nicely. I wasn't really into stripes either when I bough my 2014 Ram R/T in 2018 but it looked pretty good. A few years later I traded in my 2015 SRT 392 in Jazz Blue(kind of a mistake because I never saw another one) on a 2017 White Knuckle HC. I liked it but the white didn't do it for me so 8 months later I bought a 2020 Charger WBHC in Frostbite with the silver stripes. Man this thing looks good. I've seen other Chargers in Frostbit but being a HC and with the stripes this one looks so much better.

Long story, sorry. Just saying the stripes will really set off the Octane Red. Not a fan of red but that color was one of the ones I was looking for when I found my car.


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I had custom AAR / strobe stripes on my Challenger Hellcat (sold).

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