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Harnesses and bar installed

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Having gone down the 1320 a number of times, I shared with another owner the lack of confidence in the stock seatbelts should the inevitable happen. Also have a distinct interest in SCCA or HPDE type events.

Shopped for a long time and although Cipher seemed like a nice item to have, they were out of business and no longer responding to item availability. Found the AAD Performance option and waiting for manufacturing release was tough but worth it.

Results shown, and I selected the Racequip hook style 5 point harnesses to go with it. Cam locks are popular on applications that do not see a lot of dirt/mud like my other ride does, so I may transfer them eventually but they work out well in this case.

Got the belt and buckle alignment done and adjustments made and they are about 90% set into their final orientation.

As a lot of owners know, we are never done ... but it is rewarding when a major part of a project reaches that end point....for now.
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Assuming rear seats not useable with it in?
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