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Has anyone tried the General Tire G-MAX RS yet?

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I saw one post years ago talking about it but I haven't seen anyone run this?

I've had great experiences with my grabbers on my truck but I really doubt these tires would stack up to some Continentals, Michelins or Nittos.

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I had a set of General G-Max 6 years ago, not sure if it's the same as the RS. They were VERY grippy and I had no complaints until they were worn down to about 50% tread, then the tire noise became unbearable and I replaced them.
That has me curious why they would get noisier at lower tread depth.

I just assumed that deeper treads were the noisiest, in reference to the big knobbly tires on 4X4's, for example, not that that is a scientific or direct comparison.

Were they the same rubber at the depth or the "warranty claim avoiding rubber" that is super-hard, that appears after the grippy "make the sale" rubber on the surface is worn off?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts