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HC Chargers first track day 11.03 @125.89

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We used the 800 plus miles to help break in the Charger so that we could do some racing on Saturday at Beach Bend Race park in Kentucky,changed out the tires for the MT 305 drag radials and Linda made a [email protected] on the cars first pass,around the 6th pass we started to see the effects of some heat soak so we made a change and added some 109 to the fuel and on it's next pass we dropped .20 to get the fastest pass's of the day and the last pass netted a 11.03 @125.89.
If the weather holds up for this Saturday we are going to Cecil Drag way in MD and should be into the 10.8's or better.

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nice job see the 109 did not help
Jim, we were hot lapping the entire day, T&T turned into a unlimited heads up and then she ran bracket, 14 total runs and the car was hot, I added 2 gal of the 109 to a 1/4 tank of 93 just for added safety.
If the weather holds up for Saturday I'm going to have her push it for a better 60, she was somewhat hesitant because we were 800 miles from home on a stock drive shaft,LOL New shaft is in, just need the time to install it..
That's great times, Linda can really drive!
Considering she has only been driving a short time she does great, the one to look out for is my youngest daughter Kate 19, she has taken down a few good racers and getting better every race..guys hate getting treed by her,lol
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