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Headlight R & R

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Are there any special tricks to remove the headlight. If it matters, it is the drivers side that I need to replace

As always, TIA for any tips
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Also, when you take the front fascia off there is a plastic alignment dowel (actually a pointed plastic deal) type thing at the top on each side. Be sure to pull the fascia off evenly, both ends at the same time and not one side and then the other, as you can break that alignment piece. I think it's more something for assembly just to make assembly easier, but I busted one on one side, just pulling the fascia off kind of crooked. Everything went back together fine, and it is all lined up like stock, but hey, if you don't have to break stuff, might as well avoid it.

It takes some finagling to get to the bumper cover nuts, like sicktoo said. Patience.

There are some vids online on removing the fascia.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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