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Hellcat boost numbers

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I am only getting 9 psi. I thought were supposed to get 11.6. What are you getting!!!
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I'm probably not the one to answer this, but every video I have seen only shows nine
Boost is progressive/variable.. You have to be in higher gears/at a higher speed to reach 11. My in car ride along video shows it hitting 11 psi twice, both times at about 90 mph.

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Dope plates
Those plates were transferred from my old Challenger, but weren't as fitting for the Hellcat. It's now 'LOL 707' and the Charger is '707 LOL'.
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This is my first boosted vehicle; so this is normal with a supercharged car? Are we sure it isn't Dodge lowering power via venting boost in the first 3-4 gears ? I've known motorcycle companies to limit power in the first few gears....
Tsc has he has seen 11 pounds of boost around 90mph
Yes, in the upper gears? That would be 3rd or 4rth, yes?
Yes, in the upper gears? That would be 3rd or 4rth, yes?
Correct, I've only seen 11 psi in 3rd gear or above (A8). As I mentioned earlier, the boost is variable/progressive. It is all controlled by the computer and bypass valve. I'm sure this is being done on purpose since even more power in 1st and 2nd gears would just lead to even more wheel spin...
I see 9 PSI and then as RPM climbs it hits 10 PSI.....I have never seen 11 and I drive the car....hard.
The factory gauge is not that accurate. Unless you have another way you won't know for sure, Just use it like a guide.
Boost is just a measure of back pressure anyways, and can be affected by temperature, humidity, and elevation. I'm sure cars which are seeing 10psi, 11psi, and 9psi are just fine.
I thought there is more of a difference with turbocharged cars boost vs supercharged cars boost.

It would make sense about limiting boost in the lower gears, but then so would adding a factory tire not width of a postage stamp.

Again, also anything to save "the weak link driveshaft that Dodge has known about" I guess too.
I think this is the correct way to post a link. We did this quick punch Sunday for a buddy of mine. If you freeze it towards the end you see like TSC says, 11 lb boost, 93 mph, both HP and TQ over 600. Listen with a good speaker set or headphones and the supercharger is heard smoothly screaming air into the system.

I know this car is working correct. Yesterday with the windows down another 200 lb guy as a passenger, stuff in trunk, stopped on the road, switched to track mode, easy to hit a 11.4 sec quarter and a 3.6 sec 0-60! Can't wait to get to a track and really try.

I tried my new 'cat out last night. It's got 550 miles on it. I punched it at about 50 and by about 75 or 80 mph I had 11 psi of boost.
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