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Hellcat Charger Weird Deceleration

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Anyone else experiencing almost like a miss shift while getting to higher speeds and accelerating? Happened twice now to me on my 16 Hellcat Charger. The acceleration just briefly stops at like 90ish. Anyone got any ideas as to what it could be? Thanks in advance for any input
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had similar on my '15, auto trans.
Same as you, only when I was really putting the spurs to her.
Turns out, I was bumping (I guess) the shifter out of position. It wouldnt slip into manual mode all the way - or vice it kinda "hung" between positions, this would cause nearly the same thing I think you are describing.
It would only last a second or 3, before it would slip itself into one position or another and resume normal accelleration.
Not sure if my shifter was defective or simply losser than others, if I wasnt fully dropping it into position (doubtfull) bumping it accidentally, or what...but once I figured it out, no more issues.
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