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Hellcat colors

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All I see are black and red,LOL what is the break down for colors so far?
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All I see are black and red,LOL what is the break down for colors so far?
Here is what fellow member Smitty posted after he did the research

212 sticks and 27 automatics in KZL status right now shipping. No sequential serial numbers shipping either. No sense to the shipping orders . vin numbers from the FH7135-- all the way to FH727--- and all over the place in between . Cars ordered at 9--AM on 09/09 and cars ordered on 09/11 . So who knows? And yes I have color counts. Took me a while to count them individually but I thought some of you would have an interest in this..... Automatics, 5 Redline, 10 Pitch Black, 2 Sublime, 1 Ivory White, 4 Torred, 1 Bright White and 4 Pitch Black... That's the 27 Automatics... Sticks, 11 Redline, 50 Phantom Black, 47 Sublime, 2 Jazzblue, 9 Ivory White, 8 Billet Silver, 6 Granite Crystal, 27 Torred, 10 Bright White, 42 Pitch Black... That's your 212 sticks. For you folks that like statistics. And they are going everywhere , out west , north , south, east, even to Canada.
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