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So I had this thought last night of putting together some content for those of you who are waiting to pick up your hellcat or just want some tips if you already own one.

Before I picked up my Hellcat A8 a few weeks ago I spent a lot of my time looking up every little detail of the car and had lots of different questions about it. So I had a great idea of writing an ebook on hellcat 101 and answering a lot of common questions about the car, but also some more advanced things you might not have known about the vehicle.

Also, I'm going to be flying to North California to pick up my second hellcat with the six-speed in two weeks since I'm going to be giving my current hellcat to my dad as an early birthday present. I'm going to be driving the hellcat all the way back down to the Los Angeles area which is going to be a 500 mile trip(perfect for break in period) and I was thinking if you guys are interested I would film the trip and review the car on my way back down while also talking about the break in period, and go into depth of any questions you guys might have about the vehicle.

I can make some more in depth videos covering any questions or things about the hellcat you guys would want to see or know more about.

So if you guys think its a good idea, just let me know and I'd love to hear your guy's feedback or things everyone would like to see.

Thank You,
Great idea. Sometimes on these forums there is a lot of clutter, and good info gets lost.
That being said, How did you get two HCs, and I have been waiting since Nov 1st, 2014 for a VIN? lol
1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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