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I recently bought a hellcat from Suncoast dodge, in Florida.

The splitter was damaged when I took possession. I could not inspect the car before hand as I am out of state.

I did ask the sales rep to inspect the splitter as we all know on this website some cars are being damaged when unloading and loading onto the trucks.

Well, I was assured that everything was fine.

Upon arrival, i saw the splitter was in fact damaged.

By luck, the mechanic who did the PDI is a member here on this site. I asked him in a thread if the car was damaged when he inspected it. And he said yes it was.

Well, I went back to the sales rep and told him that the splitter was damaged and the mechanic confirmed it was before I rec'd the car.

Well funny stuff follows.

The sales rep texts me as tells me the car was not damaged when it left his shop.

I went back to this website and guess what? The mechanic deleted his post admitting the car was damaged.

I then get a call from Phil Schmidt, I guess the GM there, and he says he spoke with the detailer and the mechanic and the car was not damaged when they sent it to me.

Well, I goto google, and look up the archived page where their mechanic admitted to it and I tell Phil that I have it in black and white in writing that the mechanic saw the damage.

Well then Phil starts changing his story about how it wasnt too bad or too noticeable.

I told him that wasn't the point. They damaged the car. They covered it up and lied to me.

He refused to fix it or even entertain fixing the car or the situation.

Well, I have been busy as heck the past few weeks so I havent worked on the issue. And its been icy here in North Texas, believe it or not.

But now I need a resolution.

What pisses me off is the lies and the cover up. I have the proof in writing. The mechanic admitted the damage,then tried to delete his comments.

I have never been treated like that by a company. I have bought a car from them before.

And I have had three challengers and two rams.

What would you guys do?
1 - 1 of 73 Posts
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