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2015 Challenger Hellcat
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What's up y'all, been lurking on here for a bit, figured its about time I started posting. Never thought I'd own a Dodge product, much less a Hellcat, but a friend of mine that works on a dealership impressed me with the quality of a 2019 Ram 2500 Laramie (came in to buy a F250) and that opened the door. After modding said 2500 and blowing up the transmission, I decided that, as much as I love trucks, I should probably buy something that I could have fun in and not break, so I started pricing what I was familiar with, Mustangs. Turned out Furrd if very proud of their cars, so I figured my truck story started with Ford and ended with Dodge, why not take that route again? Its a drawn out story, but to keep it super short, I had a bunch of issues with the local dealers and ended up trading on 2017 Torred SRT8 with 22K miles at a generic used car lot. It was a fun car, but I started thinking, "I wasn't really looking for a used car when I started, why not look at used Hellcats and try to find a deal?" Within two weeks I found a tastefully modded 16K miles M6 Redline Cat in Louisianna, and after a bit of negotiation, the dealership delivered to me in Houston and took possession of the SRT8 sight unseen, which I though was awesome considering the lack of customer service in my area. Fun note is my wife had no clue I was doing this and she didn't notice the swap until I pointed out the emblems馃槀. I've had a lot of fun driving her since February, but I can leave well enough alone so I've already added a few things. She came with a 9% pulley (pinned), demon injectors, and a tune, I've added an oil catch can, JLT intake, Barrton shifter, 10.5 rears with some Nittos, a true x-pipe, and swapped out the midmufflers with some Dynomax bullets, a ceramic coating, and a Cold Case radiator (not by choice), but wait there's more, I also have a griptec 2.85 pulley that I want to put on ASAP, just need to figure out if I want someone to tune it for me or learn the HPTuners software and give it a go myself as I've done in the past :unsure:. Jeez, that was a bit long winded, imagine if I had gone with the full version, lol. I've attached a pic from the dealership for reference (I had the side decals removed), I'd post recent pics, but honestly she's a bit dirty from two weeks of sitting on jackstands waiting on a serviceable radiator to arrive, but that's another story.


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