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Intake Air (Charge Air Temperature) - The goal is to reduce the temperature of the intake air (Charge Air Temperature) to less than 140 degrees F so the water and antifreeze mixture is maintained at about 100 degrees F. Two heat exchangers use coolant to drop the air coming out of the supercharger from 250 degrees to 140 degrees. Engine power will not be derated due to cooling demands, even after 20 laps of a grueling 3.1-mile road course where the ambient temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Intercooler Coolant Temperature - Race Cooldown (After-run Cooldown) - A feature on 2019+ Hellcats and can be enabled with the Tazer from Z Automotive for 2015+. When the engine is off, this feature turns on the Low Temperature Coolant Pump (located below the airbox under the driver side headlamp) and Radiator Fans to reduce the intercooler coolant temperatures. Target temperature at about +10-15 deg F above the ambient temperature with the goal to be below 100 deg F. Once the vehicle is started, this in turn reduces the intake air (Charge Air Temperature) with the goal to be less than 140 degrees F.

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