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Hellcat officially released with VIDEO

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212 sticks and 27 automatics in KZL status right now shipping. No sequential serial numbers shipping either. No sense to the shipping orders . vin numbers from the FH7135-- all the way to FH727--- and all over the place in between . Cars ordered at 9--AM on 09/09 and cars ordered on 09/11 . So who knows? And yes I have color counts. Took me a while to count them individually but I thought some of you would have an interest in this..... Automatics, 5 Redline, 10 Pitch Black, 2 Sublime, 1 Ivory White, 4 Torred, 1 Bright White and 4 Pitch Black... That's the 27 Automatics... Sticks, 11 Redline, 50 Phantom Black, 47 Sublime, 2 Jazzblue, 9 Ivory White, 8 Billet Silver, 6 Granite Crystal, 27 Torred, 10 Bright White, 42 Pitch Black... That's your 212 sticks. For you folks that like statistics. And they are going everywhere , out west , north , south, east, even to Canada.
Darn, no phantom black automatics :(
1 - 1 of 84 Posts
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