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Hellcat order tracking thread, please no off topic. 2022 starts pg. 225

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Figured I'd start a tracking thread for anyone who has a cat on order. I recently ordered mine as have a few others here. We can put our info in & edit it at any time as info becomes available. This way anyone can get an idea of how long it may take. For anyone who has recently received their car, you can fill in info as well to help others with time lines. I'll start with mine.

Order date: 02/09/2021
Vin#: 2C3CDZL97.........
Vin# created: 02/10/2021
Model: Challenger Hellcat Redeye . Widebody, black, carbon stripes, Alcantara, carbon & suede pkg. red seat belts, performance spoiler, 3.09, Hood pins
State: Kentucky
Status: E (frame) 3/24/21
F (paint) 3/25/21
Insert 3 week shutdown for parts shortage here............
I (pending inspection) 4/20/21
JB status (upfit center) 4/20/21
Window sticker: 4/29/21
Build sheet: 4/20/21
Shipment date: April 27th (from plant)
Transit days: Shipped from hold lot in Toledo. 5/4/21
Final delivery: 5/5/21
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Everyone, chill down...! I've been through this types of "Temporary" Layoffs, trust me, knowing personally how the Industrial diesel engine business works (is not that much different from automotive Industry). This was already planned way ahead of time, willing to bet you that Stellantis knew probably knew about this around Spring early summer. The fact that the Union had this document already in place and looking at the dates it is just now that mortals like us are learning that they had planned all of this shutdowns in place. If constrain is the infamous chip shortage (in reality the worldwide shortage is not just chips it goes way beyond that) then what they'll do is stop manufacturing at that point in the assembly process, meaning they won't build anything upstream the point where the required parts are not available. Other areas of the plant may not stop at all while they still have work to do, think of shipping all of those vehicles for instance...

It truly sucks as I placed my order on 9/17 (of course with #HellcatJesus ) and got my VIN and VON numbers next day. If they still plan to cut in MY2022 by late November or close to December then chances are our vehicles will get built.

In reality what's really happening (across every major industry) is that because supply chain is so low and the installed (and hired labor) manufacturing capacity is so high (vs parts supply), these businesses can't afford build everything one shot, keep two three shifts (at peak production) and then idle with workers sitting around doing nothing for months... That's why they take advantages of "Temporary" Layoffs as they keep workers and not to have them paid but instead Tax Payers will cover workers lost income (partially) and these companies won't have to give a nickel to anyone...

It truly sucks but that's how this business works...

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I called SRT customer service today to get an update on my SS, which is still sitting in D1 status, but we had an interesting conversation about upping the '21's to '22's. The nice lady read me an internal email that she received yesterday and it stated that ALL '21's will be built, but some could be upped to a '22. The email also stated that if they do up your '21 to a '22 they will call you to let you know. My question is if the 0 for 72 is still round when our cars finally come in, but the car has been upped to a '22 would you loose out on the 0 for 72 since it was for the '21's or would it still be honored since the car was originally a '21?
I don't even know what to think about this... Given current circumstances I feel we are all better off taking delivery of our '21 orders and not getting so excited about potentially being offered an upgrade to a MY22, the only real difference is just the new security system and that's about it, my understanding is that MY22 won't start production until December 27th and then nobody will guarantee that you'll be first in the queue. I'm also banking on the 0%APR/72mo deal for '21s, so if they choose to offer such upgrade they better make sure they can honor our initially agreed price (for MY21 order) and that they will also let us apply for the 0%APR/72mo financing...

Just my 2 cents...
Ok heres the thing. You wouldnt be upgraded to a 22. Once you have a 21 VIN, thats what you are getting unless you reorder another car or there is a problem with your current order. Your build as long as its been accepted and the VIN issued, will not magically turn into a 22. You wouldnt have gotten to that status if they werent going to build it in the current model year. The VIN you have is what you are getting, and if you have one now, its a 21. It will not be a 22. You would need to cancel your order, and reorder a new car when the 22 order banks open up. Sure your dealer could take an order for you right now promising you a 21, but they may not have allocation and might get pushed off to the 22 MY like it looks our Canadian families are going to see happen.

So if you are hoping to get a 22 instead of a 21, then place your order but tell them to hold it until the 22 order banks open. Thats all you can do. Thats what chevy has been doing with ZL1's since summer. They stopped accepting 21 orders and anything ordered would have to wait until just a few weeks ago to be accepted by GM for build.
Buddy, you're quoting the wrong post...
Well, I spoke with Jake yesterday and I did ask about the MY2022 and... order banks are not opened yet and they won't till mid November (per Jake's). My educated guess is that Dodge are still taking 2021 orders because they may have line of sight on key components and parts for their builds and those must be in transit or stocked in a boat/port. Knowing how manufacturing works Dodge wouldn't be taking orders if they wouldn't have confidence on being able to build cars.

On the plus side, Brampton is open and building vehicles, sure probably not building every single available model/feature/package but at least they are building and the queue line should be reducing each day (fingers crossed).

I've also noticed that for some reason... ordering vehicles with sunroof makes things slower for those who ordered them, a good lead is for instance the fact that MY2022 Pacificas won't be longer offering the Tri-Pane panoramic sunroof, I did find out that even earlier this year for Hybrids MY2021 the Tri-Pane was an option that you could order early 2021, however, by mid year no Hybrid Limiteds were made available with that option, only the regular Gas version and the Pinacle Trim, guess what happened mid 2021? Grand Cherokee L launch and those do have the Tri-pane sunroof, so based of the few available parts Stellantis is prioritizing those "premium" options/parts for their newest models (Grand Cherokee L/Wagoneers) hampering mortals like us who still are willing to pay big premiums on this vehicles...

Another one is that early 2021 FCA then said that all their brands sold in the USA for MY 2022 were going to have Uconnect 5 available, guess which vehicles won't have them for MY2022... Chargers and Challengers...

All of these delays are due to Stellantis prioritizing parts for those new vehicles, it sucks but the more features and options/packages you order the less likely you'll get your vehicle sooner... Which means I'm screwed big time.... 😢
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Mine updated today with KZLD status. Looks like it shipped. KZLD means shipped long delay. Not sure what to think, but Jake thinks this is good and we should see it by end of next week maybe beginning of the following week. Lets hope.
That sounds great!

Out of curiosity, do you remember what is the timeline for the different status your order went through and when? Looking to understand how your build went through.

Another week in the books. 4+ months and this week went back to "D" status after being in D1 since 8/2. Jake has been doing what he can but to no avail. SRT is involved now but only because I contacted them again. The Dodge order tracking process is a complete ......... I'll stop there.
The whole deal is a disaster... Unfortunately it's all driven by current global supply self inflicted chaos and no one cares. I'll bet you had the economy tanked and no COVID or Supply Chain issues, all Manufacturers will be begging you for your business and giving you an insane list of perks, rebates and what have you... Maybe just like after 2008 financial crisis Chrysler was giving away for life unlimited warranty on all their cars... They are all a bunch of phony corporations and dealers in general are unleashed and feasting on this insane market.

What I'm still trying to figure out is what's behind all of this pushing back on 2022 models then still accepting 2021 orders and granting allocations and even VIN numbers in a matter of couple of days??? I for one had my VON/VIN number one day after I placed my order with Jake and I've been reading here and other places how people have also got their VIN/VON numbers in less than a week, all of this since late this summer.

My impression is that those who ordered SS units regardless of the options are the ones with the less likelihood to get their vehicles built and deliver in less than 5 months (sorry pal not trying to discourage you) and from the looks of it SCATs are the ones that are being prioritized from the high performance trim dodge models.

At this point I'm leaning towards that we are all down going to be subject to a lottery process, only a few lucky ones will be selected (who knows how) to get their dream cars...

Btw how can you reach the SRT phone number? It seems to be really elusive. I've only been able to reach out to the MOPAR chat bot/overseas call center and honestly they are not really too useful at all.

Best of Luck to all of us!
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Is there an emoticon showing someone throwing a temper tantrum on the ground? Asking for a friend.
You mean like this?
Nose Smile Mouth Jaw Happy
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Just got an email from US customer care at 10pm saying

Thank you for your recent order of a 2021 Dodge!
The purpose of this email is to provide you the estimated delivery date of your Challenger.
Based on our most recent information, your vehicle is to arrive at Dan Cummins Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram the week of 11/23/2021.
We are working to ensure your vehicle is built and delivered to the highest quality, and arrives to you as soon as possible.
If you do not receive a call from Dan Cummins Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram within 7 days of the indicated delivery date, please contact your dealer for further information.

On 10-28 I talked to Jake and he said my ship date was 11-4 and it should be at his dealership between 11-12 and 11-20. Maybe the car is getting held up at the up fitters or they are expecting longer travel times because of trucker shortages. Only time will tell, but hopefully it will be here soon. The problem is by the time it gets done being wrapped and ceramic coated it will be parked for the winter.
I got last night a similar email


Thank you for your recent order of a 2021 Dodge! We are excited to welcome you to the Dodge family!

We are working to ensure your vehicle is built and delivered to the highest quality, and arrives to you as soon as possible. Once a delivery date has been established for your new Challenger we will reach back out to you.

In preparation for your new driving experience please visit: Official Mopar® Site | Mopar Select Vehicle

Here you can access important information and videos about your new vehicle and register to create your personalized vehicle dashboard.

If you have any questions regarding your order please contact your dealership.

To make things easier and for your reference, here is your Vehicle Identification Number:


Thank you for being a part of the Dodge family and congratulations!

Best wishes,

The Dodge Brand

This email is for notification purposes only. Please do not reply to this email.


No idea what this means but I'm not holding my breath....
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I got the same email... it means nothing.. try and load that VIN in your vehicle dashboard. Mine said.. tough luck... no vehicle exists lol
Yup, the same happen to me when I submitted my VIN... Nothing... Well, the wait continues I guess...

To those of you who have recently received your vehicles I say I'm sincerely happy for you!

For those who are about to pick up yours, please share those pictures with the rest of us... It helps me to keep my hopes going...!

Blessings to y'all
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Well we will see, 14 months is a long time to build.

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It is a long time under normal conditions, but 2021 will be remembered as the "chip shortage" year, their production numbers are certainly down even when compared to 2020 (judging by vehicle availability)
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Placed order on September 17th, got VIN next day and to this date I'm still stuck on D status :mad: It's a Challenger HC RE WB, Octane Red... Already reached out to SRT, they have a ticket open and their follow up and support sucks big time! (hello @DodgeCares , anyone around?).

Every time I reach to the chat or phone number is the same silly response:

"Thank you so much XXXXX I understand your frustration for the wait, I see they are still collecting materials. I am showing that your order is in the scheduling phase of the manufacturing process. The parts required to build the vehicle are being scheduled and as soon as they available and ready, order will be scheduled for build. "

I'm fed up of the stupid template responses...
How if the car optioned? Sounds like they are waiting on a specific part(s). Sunroof?
It doesn't matter how, it doesn't matter what options I chose, the matter of the fact is that I even called the SRT hot line and the lady said that her system shows that my vehicle has been on D status since 6 days ago, which is BS since I know for fact (#hellcatJesus) sent me a copy of the POC sheet showing me the VON,VIN and status the very next day I placed the order which was September 18th.

Yes, it's an optioned vehicle and yes, it has sunroof, but it's not like I'm buying an SXT trim to treat my build with such lower priority. 11 weeks with no progress at all is nonsense and yes I'm aware there's been people before me who had to wait longer than this and yes I know Canadians are being screwed (unfairly may I add) but when Stellantis chops the third pane option on all 2022 Chrysler Pacificas just to prioritize Grand Cherokee L and Wagoneers, which I get it ain't cheap either, however, again I'm not buying a cheap Challenger too.

My point is that their prioritization and scheduling criteria sucks big time! I mean, if we are saying that sunroofs are the issue (which I don't believe and we wouldn't know unless someone who actually works within that department could confirm...) we are talking about a piece of glass with a frame, screws, gaskets and covers, no chip at all to worry about (maybe a basic stop switch...) everything is control by body modules which you'll need for the car to be built in the first place regardless if you order a sunroof or not...
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She finally arrived at the dealership this morning
Congrats @Fasteddieg1 !!! Couldn't be more happy for you Man! I know you've been long awaiting for this vehicle and She certainly looks amazing! Hope you can enjoy it rightfully so!
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Hi @Arabex ,
We apologize for any dissatisfaction. Please follow up with us via PM so we may determine how to best assist you.

Dodge Cares
Hi @DodgeCares ,

I've already sent you a direct PM.

Thanks for following up.
Order date: 09/17/21
VIN# assigned: 09/18/21
Model: Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody, Octane Red, Demonic Red Laguna seats, Harman Kardon, Navigation, Pin Hoods, engine block heater, 3.09, SRT Spoiler, Black Satin Hood, carbon/suede, technology group, driver convenience group, plus package, sunroof.
base wheels, red caliper.
State: NC (ordered from Dan Cummins, KY)
Stuck in "D" status - since 09/18/2021
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SS, heavily optioned, ordered 10/29
Vin - 11/1
D1 -12/3
I'm actually surprised to see a SS being on D1 so fast! Hope yours gets build soon!
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I just got off the phone with Melissa from the SRT hot line. Same status (D), no progress at all since mid September, nobody has any idea of what's going on and I only get same message of reaching out to dealer, to wait for the brand mentor to reach out to me with an update (haven't heard from her in two weeks) or to call in a couple of weeks...

There are still 17 days to go before 2021 is done, there will be a Christmas break for sure at Brampton, we already know that there will be lay offs starting January 3rd 2022 until the 24th, so my hopes for my 2021 Challenger HCREWB to be built are near 0 at this point in time!

So much for their marketing BS of 25/8 Never Lift...

Did I mention that @DodgeCares has been MIA???

I'm really close to call dealer and forfeit my deposit and give the middle Finger to Doge...
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Here's the latest with my build...

I chat with Dodge and ask for my daily status update on my VIN, so Cheryl today said to me the following:

"Cheryl (12/14/2021, 12:29:41 PM): Order passed edit but still not scheduled to be built, potentially due to constraint or production capacity"

So for those of you who know, you know that the above update means my order went to F*** ing "BG" status as of yesterday, mind you since September 18th my order was stuck in "D" status, I really wanted a big change, however, not in the wrong direction...

Man I'm doomed! Less than two weeks for 2021 to be over and my hopes for a 2021 Challenger HCREWB are close to Zero...

And Yes, already texted Jake and told him about latest development... He was on a call with their Stellantis Rep... will see, but I won't hold my breath....
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Ordered 6/14. SIX FREAKIN MONTHS AGO. Still not built. Many phone calls and text. Many escalations. ZERO answers as to what the hold up is. My latest 12/13 ship date came and went. Now the same guy that told us that date says it will be built on 12/17, zero confidence on that crap. Whats the reward for waiting so long? Well if it gets built on friday Dodge will shut down for 5 weeks and I get to wait another couple of months. YIPPIE! At this point this thing needs to end one way or another. I'm tied of being treated like dog crap. If you are thinking of placing an order, I would say don't. This aint worth it.
I feel your pain! Quite sad to be honest, the lack of respect to the customer is appalling, you only get to hear the same recycled predetermined speech over and over and over...
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