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Hellcat order tracking thread, please no off topic. 2022 starts pg. 225

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Figured I'd start a tracking thread for anyone who has a cat on order. I recently ordered mine as have a few others here. We can put our info in & edit it at any time as info becomes available. This way anyone can get an idea of how long it may take. For anyone who has recently received their car, you can fill in info as well to help others with time lines. I'll start with mine.

Order date: 02/09/2021
Vin#: 2C3CDZL97.........
Vin# created: 02/10/2021
Model: Challenger Hellcat Redeye . Widebody, black, carbon stripes, Alcantara, carbon & suede pkg. red seat belts, performance spoiler, 3.09, Hood pins
State: Kentucky
Status: E (frame) 3/24/21
F (paint) 3/25/21
Insert 3 week shutdown for parts shortage here............
I (pending inspection) 4/20/21
JB status (upfit center) 4/20/21
Window sticker: 4/29/21
Build sheet: 4/20/21
Shipment date: April 27th (from plant)
Transit days: Shipped from hold lot in Toledo. 5/4/21
Final delivery: 5/5/21
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Just got an update from my dealer:
Build Date 4/4.
Lets see if that changes again....:rolleyes:
Fellow Long Islander here… did you order from the Island? Or did you go out of state?
Guess I'll join the thread again. Just ordered a narrow RE today.
It’s like some kind of sickness!! I have the same one
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Westbury? I tried them and they wanted 10 over when I called.
Browns in Patchogue wanted 20k for a Jailbreak and 10 over for a SS.
Yeah they told me the same last June. In fact the narrow body hellcat they let me checkout in June of 2021 is still there! F that! I ordered from Jake in Kentucky. 4% under invoice.Which worked out to $2k under sticker WITH THE TAX included. All of the local dealers wont play ball. Thats their choice, fortunately for us there is a thing called the internet that gives us choices too!
I agree! I know which one your talking about. It’s the Pitch Black NBRE with the orange calipers. Says 96k on it and it needs a ton of paint correction. Looks like they piled the snow from the parking lot on it when they plowed.
Unreal. I went all the way to Illinois to submit an order. I’m not paying over MSRP for shit.
For sure man, I had an argument with the salesman. I was like your gonna let a 100,000 dollar deal walk out the door because of greed? They’re not even that kind of dealership. He didn’t even know how to order it… whatever I made out better anyway. I won’t pay over either. Hell no
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I went to PA Dealerships on Long Island are the scum of the earth.
Couldn’t have said it better myself.
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finally went to D1 today ordered REWB 1/7
Can’t wait to see it
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My Hellcat has finally arrived!! Longest 4 month wait ever!

2022 Charger Hellcat Octane Red / Black interior
Options: HK stereo and Navigation

Ordered 11/19/21
D1 Status 1/15/22
I Status 2/8/22
Build sheet 2/10/22
Window sticker 2/11/22
Arrived at Michigan lot 2/15/22
Arrived at Dealer 3/12/22
Picked up from dealer 3/14/22 View attachment 589793
So pretty!! Good luck with it drive safe
Supposedly, these are now being done at Brampton. Didn’t appear to affect my friend’s build time at all. His JB was built about 45-50 days after ordering.
That’s good… now they’ll be less miles on it when we get them since they aren’t driving them to the upfitter
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the longer I wait for my black JB to come in the more I'm liking the smoke show car I had only 2 weeks before making the order :D
Dude, I’m not even joking. I ordered black and I’m having regrets about not getting smoke show!
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The ss that I ordered 12/30/21 just hit JB status.
So close bro!!
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Lmao!! Your such a dick… 🤣 it’s absolutely gorgeous. I want smoke show
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Lmao!! Your such a dick… 🤣 it’s absolutely gorgeous. I want smoke show
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Sky
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Sky

but than we see this and the decision is totally justified. Even though it’s a Demon it’s still Pitch Black
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what did you get?
I ordered Pitch Black.. it’s an SS not a JB but I was agreeing with the other guy that the longer you wait the more you want something else. I agreed with him that smoke show was definitely the color choice if we could change it.
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You ordered this car? She’s a beauty
A Pitch Black SS so this is the closest thing I have to look at until I actually have it in front of me. It was a local car show I took that picture at.
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Gotcha so the demon is someone else’s and you gave an SS on order?
That is correct. So everytime I think I made a mistake ordering black I just reference the Demon pic
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Nothing wrong with black. Are you saying you like both
Absolutely man! Wish I could have both but… 3 SRT’s?? I wouldn’t be able to pull that off.
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