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Hellcat order tracking thread, please no off topic. 2022 starts pg. 225

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Figured I'd start a tracking thread for anyone who has a cat on order. I recently ordered mine as have a few others here. We can put our info in & edit it at any time as info becomes available. This way anyone can get an idea of how long it may take. For anyone who has recently received their car, you can fill in info as well to help others with time lines. I'll start with mine.

Order date: 02/09/2021
Vin#: 2C3CDZL97.........
Vin# created: 02/10/2021
Model: Challenger Hellcat Redeye . Widebody, black, carbon stripes, Alcantara, carbon & suede pkg. red seat belts, performance spoiler, 3.09, Hood pins
State: Kentucky
Status: E (frame) 3/24/21
F (paint) 3/25/21
Insert 3 week shutdown for parts shortage here............
I (pending inspection) 4/20/21
JB status (upfit center) 4/20/21
Window sticker: 4/29/21
Build sheet: 4/20/21
Shipment date: April 27th (from plant)
Transit days: Shipped from hold lot in Toledo. 5/4/21
Final delivery: 5/5/21
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Ordered 5/6 and went into status code D around 5/19. I am seeing varying experiences from people with the one common denominator that NB HC Challengers are getting built pretty quickly. Strongly debating on getting a temporary fun car in the meantime because I have a feeling I'll be waiting for a few months if not a year 馃槀
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I have not been told anything, I will text the dealer tomorrow morning for the new Estimated ship date, its not looking so good right now.
I'm essentially in the same spot as you. Charger HCWB: Order confirmed 05/06, Scheduled 09/12, no further updates on production.
I think I may be the last of us waiting to go into production 馃檭
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Update: My order was flipped to a 2023 so I requested the price difference. My original price was $74,020 but was raised to $78,908. With already having a standard body Challenger HC on a good rate, it doesn't really make sense monetarily anymore so I will be cancelling and requesting my deposit back. I wish everyone else the best of luck with getting theirs!
Why is your price changing? Something doesn鈥檛 sound right. You had an order in for a 2022 with a D or D1 status and the dealer is asking for the difference now that it is moving to a 2023? In my case they kept the same VON and gave me a new VIN, no price change. Something doesn鈥檛 sound right. Hate to see you give up at this point.
My dealer is Dan Cummins for reference and knowing this now, I'll communicate that with them. If they aren't willing to honor the original '22 price then I'll move on.
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Spoke to my GM today. I thought the VON # was staying the same but not the case. I got a new VIN and VON. I tried tracking it but it says no info available at this time, so I鈥檒l keep you guys posted. Duck, I hope they do the right thing and keep you price protected from original order date. Fingers crossed for you buddy. Keep us posted. Because the 23鈥檚 are considered 鈥淛ailbreaks鈥 but with 717hp, my GM had to look at my 22 order and re-build the 23 order. Getting excited again!
Appreciate the good vibes Ray. Unfortunately, they were not willing to honor the 2022 price so I got my deposit back. Pretty disappointed with how it turned out, but I'll figure it out. Best of luck to everyone else on the forum trying to get theirs at the original price they were quoted on.
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Can someone explain to me how their price protection worked? For those who are not aware, I placed a deposit back in May 2022 with Dan Cummins CDJR. The order was moved to a 2023, but they said it would now be $5k more. I had heard from a few on this forum that the same thing happened to them except they were able to keep their agreed upon price from 2022. I would like to hear how you guys were able to keep the same price for yours out of curiosity.
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Duck - Fully understand your frustration. Did your VON stay the same after your order was transitioned to a 23? In my case it was Dodge/Stellantis made the transition to a 23 order, and received emails from both the dealer (Koons) and Customer Care that this was happening. My contract price did not change. Dan Cummins has been a reputable dealer for forum members, something doesn't seem right.
Yes, my VON did stay the same. I was only informed by Dan Cummins that the order would be transitioning to a 2023鈥攏othing from Dodge/Stellantis. Thanks for the details though Craig 馃憤
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