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Hellcat order tracking thread, please no off topic. 2022 starts pg. 225

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Figured I'd start a tracking thread for anyone who has a cat on order. I recently ordered mine as have a few others here. We can put our info in & edit it at any time as info becomes available. This way anyone can get an idea of how long it may take. For anyone who has recently received their car, you can fill in info as well to help others with time lines. I'll start with mine.

Order date: 02/09/2021
Vin#: 2C3CDZL97.........
Vin# created: 02/10/2021
Model: Challenger Hellcat Redeye . Widebody, black, carbon stripes, Alcantara, carbon & suede pkg. red seat belts, performance spoiler, 3.09, Hood pins
State: Kentucky
Status: E (frame) 3/24/21
F (paint) 3/25/21
Insert 3 week shutdown for parts shortage here............
I (pending inspection) 4/20/21
JB status (upfit center) 4/20/21
Window sticker: 4/29/21
Build sheet: 4/20/21
Shipment date: April 27th (from plant)
Transit days: Shipped from hold lot in Toledo. 5/4/21
Final delivery: 5/5/21
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Wow seeing some of these orders from Jan just getting into scheduled makes me feel lucky...Charger Hellcat, indigo blue with brass monkey wheels

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Never seen this kind of tracker/page is this something new?
Yep as of end of may.
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I didn’t get the sunroof in mine so hopefully that helps expediting the build?
Hmm might be...I ordered April 1st and went into scheduled may 31st. I have a sunroof on mine but no other addons
Even better newest update is it’s in production as of 06/19/22 View attachment 597160
That's awesome, seems like they are moving now.
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Thanks guys! I still can’t believe it! Financing was finalized today! Paid a bit above sticker out the door
oh wow they didn't sell it for MSRP? Curious what did they add to take it above sticker?
I don't think this is off topic but if it is mods feel free to remove...pre-shit hitting the fan but still pretty cool to see while we wait for our cars.

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Hey what’s up everyone. I’m pretty new on the waiting list for the hellcat. I’ve ordered mine 3 weeks ago and was told it could take up to 3 months. Just curious to see what you guys were experiencing in wait times.
I ordered a Indigo blue HCWB with brass monkey wheels, sepia interior and sunroof on 4/1, got my VIN a few days later and just moved into scheduled to build on 5/31.
@Fredster09 - have you had any updates on yours yet? Yours went to scheduled 2 weeks before mine so wondering if it has made it to production yet.
Not yet, I even chatted with Dodge Chat and they confirmed the same status of "scheduled to be built." I feel like it has to do with the options and they run a lot of the same options in a row.
How long does that usually take? I hate bothering people (my salesman) but I will if It’s on my dime lol
Here you go, as long as you have your VON(vehicle order number) then you can start a chat with Dodge support and they will give you the VIN if it's available. I've not talked to my salesman once since I placed the order.

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No vin at 3 weeks 🤬 lol I spoke with my salesman earlier this week and he told me “Nothing yet. They are supposed to start building again at the end of this month. So we should see some movement in the next week or so” I asked him so no vin either? His response was “Yeah, nothing has changed yet. Everything should start moving in the next couple weeks. They stopped production for a little bit so I have orders waiting since April for production to start back up. I’m being told the end of June, they are back to building” I’ve been lurking a little on here and was reading about some guy not getting his order fulfilled or something like that so it just makes me nervous and I’m also trying cash out on this $1000 big ones dodge is giving out lol
Damn 3 weeks without a VIN would have me feeling the same I guess. Looks like there is some luck involved as to when you ordered and if it lines up with production to have a faster turn around. I think Dodge is always going to keep some sort of 1k cash around for these, they've been pretty consistent with at least having 1k off.
May be a slight topic change, but after you ordered and the car was shipped to the dealership, was it put for sale on the website as well until you finalized paperwork? My exact build (same VIN) is for sale on Dan Cummins website, but my tracker says built as of June 20th and hasn't shipped, I know that's not always accurate, but could they be selling my car? Haven't received a call.
I have heard a few people say this and some blaming the sales manager for just looking at what is coming in and posting it on the site for sale. My theory is no one does it by mistake, they probably do it to generate some interest in case you don't go through with the sale.
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Got some movement today! currently being built with an estimated delivery date of July 30th.
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Come on, Man!!! Maybe Charger vs. Challenger, I guess.....

View attachment 597699
That's exactly what it seems like. Feel like there was a group of challengers that went through and now looks like chargers are going through. Also some have said the site isn't accurate and could be behind.
View attachment 597720
Right with you! So have these delivery dates been pretty solid or should I expect the unexpected? Mine is expected July 29th.
Nice! Our dates line up almost exactly, looks like are going to part of the same production batch. I also had the brass monkey wheels, I wonder if they grouped by that at all.
Just read Stellantis lost their court case in Canada. Un-vaxed workers are allowed to return to work. Maybe cars will be built faster now.
Win all around! These damn companies and there vax status BS
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Order originally confirmed on 12/14/21. Scheduled for production on 5/18/22. Just moved from D1 back to D as of last week per my dealer. At this point I’ve got no clue WTF is going on. SRT phone customer service is a joke.

I’m pretty upset…
Man that is a long time, I would be too. What did you order?
Just a HCWB. No stripes, nothing special. Seems like an easy enough build…
yeah that's really odd, sounds like someone f'ed something up.
Ordered Feb 25th

still in “firm D”, what does firm mean lol?

also how can I check on Dodges website? I feel like Koons is just going to randomly call me saying it’s ready.
I think you should have your car all a doctor hahaha
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