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Hellcat order tracking thread, please no off topic. 2022 starts pg. 225

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Figured I'd start a tracking thread for anyone who has a cat on order. I recently ordered mine as have a few others here. We can put our info in & edit it at any time as info becomes available. This way anyone can get an idea of how long it may take. For anyone who has recently received their car, you can fill in info as well to help others with time lines. I'll start with mine.

Order date: 02/09/2021
Vin#: 2C3CDZL97.........
Vin# created: 02/10/2021
Model: Challenger Hellcat Redeye . Widebody, black, carbon stripes, Alcantara, carbon & suede pkg. red seat belts, performance spoiler, 3.09, Hood pins
State: Kentucky
Status: E (frame) 3/24/21
F (paint) 3/25/21
Insert 3 week shutdown for parts shortage here............
I (pending inspection) 4/20/21
JB status (upfit center) 4/20/21
Window sticker: 4/29/21
Build sheet: 4/20/21
Shipment date: April 27th (from plant)
Transit days: Shipped from hold lot in Toledo. 5/4/21
Final delivery: 5/5/21
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First post here too but I’ve been following this thread for a while. Cheers to you and let’s get this bread!

I hope this order doesn’t get dropped because the dealership I ordered thru has ZERO allocations for HCWB for MY23 according to the HP locator page that dropped in this morning.
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Alright this is kinda off-topic but it does coincide with some concerns with MY22 order(s). Has anyone ordered any MY21 SP or HC's but had their orders cancelled AND was assigned a VIN? I know I'm not the only person that had their salesperson show strong conviction that having a VIN will have a likely chance of it getting scheduled, let alone in production.

My order was placed on 8/23, assigned a VIN next day, then emailed by Dodge of the order received.
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I have only heard of one myself. But I have been told that it happens. If it happened for one, then it's true. I think a lot depends on if allocation or no allocation.
Welp! Just got a text from my dealer today and if this is true, the other 3 took more than one for the team! 🫡 I’ll keep anyone posted when the order tracker updates with the status.
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What does approved for build mean?

Hoping D status and vin # assigned.
For my case, my order should be at least D1 status. I was assigned a VIN a day after I left the dealership placing the order on August 23rd. I still wonder what the other 3 orders were at that were canceled according to them.
Did any of y’all that just got scheduled order Redeyes or are they the standard HC engines? Also any of you with the blackout package?
TorRed, Sepia seats, and sunroof for my HCWB, where everything else was in default options.
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For some reason when I click on this link, a blank white page appears and says “VIN NOT PROVIDED”. No box available to me to even type my VIN number in. I guess that’s their way of telling me to F off lol :(
With the link, you need to copy pasta the VIN manually if you were provided one with your order.
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Are they supposed to come with two black and one red?
To my understanding, Hellcats come with 2 reds and 1 black key (measly 500hp) and other trims below will have 2 keys.
I went back to the dealer as it was near my errands route on Saturday and discovered an ESD of 11/26, although I'll expect this to change accordingly. Also asked if they can print me out the out-the-door price and they implied they can't if the car is not physically present. Is that bs or are they hiding something from me?
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She's finally made it to the second checkpoint but it looks like she may not make it in time for the closure for 2022; I'm not complaining
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I suspect that you would complain if it wasn't made as a '22, and the wait would have to start over with a '23.
I'd probably seek through the used market since the wait for MY23 looks like disaster since the Horsepower Locator's release.
And why would it not be built as a '22, since it apparently is already in production?
I thought you meant the order would convert to '23. It would be nice if they did, but I learned browsing through this forums, some '22 orders that were cancelled would have to start over, assuming with increased difficulty than before.

I seen some orders on this post that are still on D/D1 status and some that got pushed back so I feared that it may happen to mine. I'm hoping all of those who have their orders still alive will reach to them soon!
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Mine was built on 12/01 and I have an estimated delivery of 01/27. lol 🤦‍♂️
Mine was in production a day after you, and given eta delivery of 01/18. I feel like they’re just picking out dates just cuz, but that’ll correct itself Soon™ 👍
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email received that the car was built today (delayed email indeed) and estimate delivery date updated from 1/18/23 to 1/6/23 👍
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Yours is a RE? If so we have the same car.


Except mine isn’t built 😑
Just regular WB, and also hang in there!
That’s great! Did your delivery date change?
Sadly no, but my dealer has told me, arrival will be between the window date of 12-23-22 to 01-06-2023, hopefully it goes smooth during transit
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I was just looking at allocations left, I guess I missed this….

Is there no “regular” REWB Charger option? It must be a JB?
All SRT Hellcat trims for MY23 are now Jailbreak, just a namesake
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