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Hellcat- Some oil spray on engine fuel rail covers

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Alright so I went out to NASA road racing this weekend. I popped my hood after session 7 of 8 for the weekend and noticed a little oil on the engine fuel rail cover. It was focused more towards the front of the car (picuture below is from today so it has seen spread more evenly towards the back). Engine oil Temps were fine and no other service codes came on. I went out for my last session and there was a little more oil spilled but only slightly. I went pretty hard on it all weekend. I had an hour drive back home after the track which didn't seem to cause are more oil leakage. I'm guessing it came from the oil cap because I'm not seeing any other potential source for the oil. Im not overly concerned but thought I'd lob the question out to see if anybody has experienced this. And whether it should be a concern. I'm a bit of a newb when it comes to engines so any guidance of what may have caused this would be appreciated. Maybe there is an o ring or some rubber gasket I need to replace in the oil cap???

Also dumb question but why isn't there a dip stick?

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My guess is crankcase pressure. If you were running it wide open, a lot, the engine runs at high crankcase pressure which can force oil out of the cap, dipstick, and the PCV system. It's REALLY hard to diagnose things like this over the internet. But, if the oil isn't coming out of the filler cap, it's likely the valve cover gasket... assuming what you're seeing is oil and not power steering fluid that boiled over and slung back over top of the fuel rail cover.

Many people who track their cars regularly put a breather cap on in place of the stock filler cap. This allows the crankcase to vent. All states are different, and some states consider that tampering with the EGR system, so if your car is emissions tested, you could use the breather cap at the track and/or replace the OEM cap for emissions tests.
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A lot of good info in here. I really appreciate the detailed response. Ill look into getting a new breather cap.

Also, the location of where the spill was located, power steering fluid might be the liquid. Anything I can do with the cap on it to avoid boiling over? Or use better steering fluid?

I'm going to road racing again in July at Kansas Speedway and would like avoid any further spills.
Sorry, can't help with the power steering fluid, as my Hellcat had the electric power steering and didn't have the reservoir in the place yours is in.
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