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HellCat Swap on a 2007 or 2013 srt v8--------------Any Ideas on what I shoould need more than listed below

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I have a 2007 srt v8 and 2013 srt v8 with me and I would really like to swap a Hellcat engine to anyone of them. Anyone has any idea like those who have swapped similliar conversion.
I am getting a hellcat turnkey pallet low miles with a turnkey pallet: The pallet includes the following in the website listed below

In the page given above has items and parts included among with transmisson and engine

ANYONEPLS GIVE ME WHAT I WILL NEED OTHER THAN THIS TO MAKE MY 2007/2013 srt in a motor with a hellcat and functions everything as normal.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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