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hellcat will not start at all HELP!!!

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what's up hellcat page I am new to this page trying to figure out what's wrong with my hellcat! I have a 2015 dodge challenger hellcat manual. I'm at 38k miles on it I recently had a problem with my clutch I just got that replaced not long ago everything seemed to be good as I was heading out of town car was losing voltage very fast pulled off and turned of on me never wanted to start agin. I had it towed back home I was thing it could be my alternator replaced that turned on but then I did to pulls then car started to lose voltage again I had already new battery checked all my fuses but now I'm stuck where to go now car won't start anymore again. I connected some of my buddies with hellcats some of them told me could be my starter or my clutch sensor I just need more help figuring what the issue could be what I would get in the dash would say Reduce of power then voltage starts to drop. I also got a code that was U11bc I can't figure out what's going on any help I would appreciate it.
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Am I the only one who couldn't understand the OP?
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