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hellcats and ADM.

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I wanted to just give some food for thought. If you can get a hellcat that you are happy with and there is a ADM that you can live with I would recommend picking it up. I for one was a IM NEVER PAYING OVER STICKER guy and all it got me was pounding my head into the wall.I even went as far as to change my order to a M6. My wife about fell over when I told her that i agreed to the M6 just to get a car. That was the main reason that I wanted this car in the first place. It had a amazing auto trans, that I could drive in houston traffic any day that I wanted to. My commute is long and is on I-10 freeway. She quickly reminded me why I sold the gt 500,vett and why I don't own a viper.. Yes it was my first pick color and ordered just as i wanted. But with out the sunroof because they took that off the list:rolleyes:. I found a hellcat that has a 2500 mark up on it, and we agreed to 1500 over since it was the end of the month. Gave them my deposit as quickly as he could write my card number down and sent the bank draft that same day. I sleep easy now I have a cat that is mine. I have never had a car give me such a emotional roller coaster ride as this one. Well I'm off that carnival ride and it only cost me 1500 more. Well thats not entirely true. The car that I ordered was 60k and this one was 69.. But you get the point. Also guy remember that in 16 the prices will be going up. If I had to guess it would be in the 3-5 range.I truly believe its a pay me now or pay me later deal. I could be wrong but I don't think i am. One more point. I do think that over 50% of the 16 order bank will be full if they roll over the orders from 15. My dealer that I placed my original order with told me that he dose not think that the roll over would get the 15 pricing if they did not have a VIN already. This is just some thoughts that I had in my head over the last couple weeks and wanted to share. One more thing... If you find a car, act fast guys, there are countless people calling dealers everyday and surfing this forums just like you, get your money ready and pull the trigger quick.. good luck people;);););)
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i wouldnt bend for the transmission...congrats on getting a A8...$1500 isnt that bad

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