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HeLLcharger finally home to CAliForkiNya

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[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]Honored to finally be a member here,been lurking on this forum since its inception and been in von hell till now.
Earlier this year I sold a 2011 charger mopar edition #1107 of 1500, best car i ever owned and been heart broken to think i might ever get the hellcat to fill its place.
Once the lack of A8 auto availability hit home to my local dealership 2 weeks ago I lost all hope and went nuts and emailed/called every possible dealship that advertised a vin in stock or in transit off the and site.
Everybody wanted$5,10,20,30K over msrp- insane and unacceptable but reality!! I was willing to take any hellcat, i didnt care which model which color which options i just wanted one period - i was without any car and was not willing to wait till who knows when?!
Then out of amazing luck last monday a buyer drop out occurred in Lodi cdjr cali and thats when the jackpot struck my friends at $1k over Msrp (started at 5k over), i dropped the phone and drove straight to the lot and got it! I cant be believe i struck gold locally too.
It would be an understatement to stress how many pain staking hours it took to get finally get here as many of you are currently experiencing, i hope you loyal fans get yours because its FRICKIN worth it!! Im blown away by this car.
Below is the options included:
Phantom black pearl paint, Laguna leather, HK audio, sunroof, uconnect, summer tires, brass monkey wheels, msrp $71,760 + $1k over = steal in ca imo

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I saw your Charger at the Lodi dealership. Wayne the internet/fleet sales manager would not tell me who bought it. He just said that It was bought by a friend of the owner Vince. That's where I ordered my challenger. It went from von to vin. great looking car you have there. just to let you know, I touched it. Sorry. I did so with much respect. Are you in the area??
1k over that's great. They were going to charge me 5k over. Wayne the Salesman called on Saturday and said that he was working on lowering the ADM. I think your deal may have helped to improve mine. I'm going to use your deal as precedence, and demand the same deal or better. Thanks Hellcharger............San Rafael, not to far, lets stay in touch....
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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