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Welcome and congrats !
Thank you.

That's awesome, welcome. The big three represented, but 50% Mopar 🤘
Thank you. Only the big 3 in my garage! (y)

Welcome, from sunny Florida here as well. Great set of cars you got there. I noticed the ZL1 1LE in the corner. I love the ZL1 as well. Where abouts in Florida are you? I'm in West Palm Beach.
Thank you and yes love my ZL1 1LE as much as the others. The Super Stock and the 1LE make a great combo as they are polar opposites. I'm on the other side in Naples. :cool:

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@SuperStock1 welcome to!

Congrats on Everything you've got!:cool:

Pick your choice and Enjoy All The Fassst Fun!

Linda :)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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