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Hey what’s happening, glad to be a part of the Hellcat group. I’ve owned 100’s of cars over the years, nothing compares to the Hellcat! I’m a horsepower freak, so the Dodge lineup is perfect for me and my madness at 63! Other than my Hellcat Charger, most recently I owned an 755HP Duramax Hummer SUT. We built this truck frame off all new parts and components. Talk about sick, that much power in a box of a vehicle was insane. So it’s time to start planning my next project. I’m planning to drop either a Hellcat Redeye or the Hellcat into a Hummer SUT. I know there will be challenges with getting everything too communicate. But I think we can work our way through these issues with some help from knowledable people along the way. I know the purists will hate this idea, but this will be crazy! Any thoughts from the group, be nice.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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