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Hello Everyone

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Hello All, I wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I just purchased my first Hellcat. It’s a 2021 in White Knuckle with the blacked out hood, roof and trunk. Option wise it’s pretty well loaded. It has 30 miles on it since delivery last week. ( waiting for the streets to dry )
I brought it to my friends body shop where he applied a clear coat of undercoating to protect the chassis and preserve the OE colors of the chassis. I don’t plan on driving it in the rain, ( unless I get caught ) nor drive it in the winter. I have the set of Nitto 555R2’s 275/40x20, from my 2015 R/T that I am going to mount on replica Hellcat 20x10.5 wheels.

My first question is which A8 do I have? The 8HP70 or 8HP90? The option list sheet, ( not the window sticker ) say 8HP90 (BUY). I’ve read that the 90 can be ordered in the Hellcat, whereas it’s standard in the Redeye and SS. I’ve also read that it is standard in the Hellcat. The window sticker showed 2,995.00 for Torqueflite 8 speed Auto.

When I went on Dodge’s site it showed the same $ for the A8 for the Hellcat, Redeye and SS with no variations or choices for the A8. What I do know is that it shifts a lot harder and faster that the A8 in my R/T which was a 5.7 I want to post a pic but I’m trying to figure out how.

Regardless, I love it!
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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