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Hello from Australia

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Hello everyone. I joined this group because I was hoping of finding out how to get a Hellcat into Australia!

Apparently the only vehicle Dodge sells in Australia is a minivan.
DODGE Australia The New Dodge Journey

I'm hoping Dodge will get smart and start shipping their best car to us soon!

If not, then I'm going to have to find a way to sneak one into my country. :)

If anyone knows how please let me know.
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I am actually an Aussie as well, have a Charger Hellcat being delivered now to the dealer here in Texas (late April). Maybe I'm the first Australian to own a Hellcat, not sure, but I haven't seen any other Aussies on the forum.

So I maybe here for 2 to 3 more years max, so I just figure I need to enjoy my time in Hellcat heaven (or mabye I should say Hell) while I am here. As I am sure there is no way the Aussie Governement is going to allow this car into Australia. It would shut down HSV and damage the local auto industry, hahhaa..(then you would have to convert it to Right Hand drive)

At least I know there is one other Aussie who will know what I am taking about when I mention Hellcat in Australia.

Hi Aus Eclipse. I'm hoping to be the second Aussie to own one.. hopefully by having it shipped here. I did email those in charge at Fiat/Dodge/Chr & Co and they said that they didn't have any plans to offer the vehicle commercially in Australia at this point.

Personally I think this is a mistake considering the closure of all local auto manufacturing by 2017. I don't know if you heard in the states.. but HSV and FPV are going to be no more come 2017!!!

I was thinking.. if we can simply get the Dodge Hellcat listed under the SEVS registry then we could bring it into Australia and sell it here legally.

Here is the application form:

I feel for certain there would be a large market for this vehicle in Australia, especially considering the manufacture of Holden and Ford FPV is no longer happening in Australia after 2017!

There is a huge market in Australia for American muscle cars. Please read this article:

I think considering that Ford is bringing the Mustang and Chevy/Holden group are bringing in the Camero and possibly the Corvette... that certainly dodge would want in on the action and bring the Hellcat over for some competition. ... you would think.

Personally the only one I want is the Hellcat and I've got my money ready, just need an opportunity to get my hands on one. If I am going to drive it here in Aus I would prefer the RHD. I too don't know if there is anyway around this for new vehicles.

Additionally there are talks about allowing parallel imports soon considering the complete loss of our own local auto industry now.

Australians could soon have access to cheaper cars under plan to deregulate new car market - ABC News Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Controversial government car import changes expected by end of week
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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