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A few days ago I bought a Hellcat 2017 manual gearbox at the auction :)
A dream come true
The car will be with me only in 2 months
In addition to Hellcat, I also have RAM DT 2019 LIMITED in my garage
What more can I say - LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL :)
Mopar rulles :)
I still have a BMW e64 650, and a Honda VTX 1800C - all vehicles are from Florida :)
ps. I visited your beautiful country in 2012 - I was at Biketoberfest in Florida, Miami, Key West :)
A great time, maybe I will visit you someday :)
below is a photo of my fulfilled American dream!

sorry, my english is google translate
Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Automotive parking light Car Tire Wheel Land vehicle

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Car Vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood

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I am 3rd gen U.S., both parents from Poland. They would speak Polish at home so whenever they didn't want us kids to know. I wish I spoke Polish, I would love to visit! You guys are the only EU country to stand up to the BS! Very happy to see what you guys are doing!

BTW: I'm sort of one of the local politically charged freedom activists here, and if I don't offend you, WELCOME!

Yes, I agree with your deleting the graphics. These are beautiful cars and do not need embellishment!

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Welcome to the forum!
My great grandparents, Adam Maslowski & Albina Halowenka were straight off the boat from blessed Poland. They never learned a word of english. One of my fondest memories of my grandma, Adele, was when she would get mad at my pap and yell at him in Polish... I asked him one time, how do you know what she is saying. He told me, "Polish women are tough ladies, you learn the bad words rather quickly."
I still laugh about that. She was a little woman but tough as steel.

Glad to have you join up!
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