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Help Brakes keep locking up

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So just to be quick and to the point I put an Eibach pro kit on my 2020 Widebody redeye
Shortly after my breakers stated locking up Intermittently. At times even when my foot’s not on the break my rear brake lights are lit up and the car won’t accelerate or go because the brakes are being apply. I’d like to believe it’s something electrical any thoughts has anyone else run into this problem
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Agree with borden72. Reads like the brake light switch is being activated which if the brakes are applied -- and the brake light being activated I think signals this to the ECM -- the throttle can be ignored or if pressed can be closed and the car slows.

I encounter this IIRC when after a car wash and I try to drive at speed -- legal speed -- and while maintaining speed with the throttle apply the brakes to heat them up to dry them. I have to resort to just performing a bedding in process by accelerating the car to speed then applying the brakes and then accelerating back up to speed and applying the brakes and doing this one or two more times. Not as aggressive bedding in procedure as with new brakes just using the brakes enough to get the hardware hot and to dry the hardware completely.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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