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Help Brakes keep locking up

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So just to be quick and to the point I put an Eibach pro kit on my 2020 Widebody redeye
Shortly after my breakers stated locking up Intermittently. At times even when my foot’s not on the break my rear brake lights are lit up and the car won’t accelerate or go because the brakes are being apply. I’d like to believe it’s something electrical any thoughts has anyone else run into this problem
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Did this happen before installing the Eibach Kit??

When did it start??

Any other mods??

Did all the Wheel Speed Harnesses get reconnected properly??

If you aren't stepping on the brake pedal and the brakes are applying, could be a false ABS or Stability Control Event and yes, the ABS Unit can apply the brakes on these cars. You might have a faulty Yaw Sensor or G Force Sensor misleading the ABS.

Did you go thru all your Center Console Screens to see if there is anything that does not make sense with respect to Response Times, G Forces, Acceleration Rates, Braking Distance, etc?? See if one mor more of these readings are out of wack. The various on-board sensors provide data to these reading.

Did the Dealer check stored Trouble Codes??
It’s at the dealer now
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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