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Help! HC Challenger Won't Start

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I had a chiller kit installed on my HC with a 1.5 gallon aluminum expansion tank.

Last night, I went outside to see what the chiller kit could do. Keep in mind, I also switched to E85 setup when chiller kit was installed. Car has a tune that allows it to start, but that's about it. Headed to get it tuned on 7/5.

Last night, no issues starting. Had to crank about 3 seconds due to E85, but started fine. I needed to insulate the expansion tank, so I vacuumed out all of the fluid, and removed it. Nothing odd there. 2 bolts and 2 coolant lines. I insulated the tank, reinstalled with no issues. Refilled the tank, no spillage.

I wanted to see if I could see where my coolant fans are kicking on at, so I plugged in the OBD cable to load up HP tuners. I then tried to start the car, fuel pumps kick on, dash lights up, but when I press the ingition button, it does not turn over.

I've not had any issues with the battery. I unhooked the battery for a couple of minutes and reconnected the terminal. No change.

I tried to load up HP Tuners scan tool, but it's not wanting to connect.

Any suggestions?

Thank You in advance.
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