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Help me choose a rod and piston!

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So I'm looking to bulletproof the bottom end after pistons 7 and 8 took a dump. I know the stock rods weigh in at 657g. Now let's say I was to go with a Carrillo rod that weighs in at 571g and upgrade the valve springs. Piston wise I was looking at diamond flat tops that also raise compression a tad to 9.9. Or should I just go with Manley stuff? I understand the cost issue here but I want to do this once. Are the Carrillo's worth the extra weight savings and money vs going with let's say a Manley h tuff rod or even Manley pro series I beam?. Should I bump compression? I am open to other manufacturers but will not do the drop in stuff. I understand also less rotating mass has less stress on the block. Future upgrades will possibly be that Whipple 3.0 and I am staying stock displacement with a possible .5-.10 overbore.
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Don’t just throw a lighter rod or two into the mix, the whole rotating assembly needs to be balanced together, this will throw it off wildly.
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