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hello and thanks advance , I have a 21 Redeye Charger ,my problem and question is when @ full throttle my AFR is a steady 9.5 completely stock(car only traps 124-127mph)kinda slow , when i hit it with a 100 shot wet kit with recommended pills my AFR WAS 9.8, I feel like this is too rich and the car needs a tune but I'm wondering if i add nitrous pills for 125 shot and leave the fuel pills for 100 shot my AFR should be little better ,and that leads to my next question /since my AFR is in a super safe range do I need to pull timing for the adjust 125 shot ,i spoke to nitrous companies and they told me a 100 shot completely stock is zero problems ,i feel like it being a redeye it runs richer cause of the dual fuel pumps, any help would be greatly appreciated
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