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HELP Tazer screwed up my car!!

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Ok so just installed the double bypass and the tazer in my 2019 HC RE WB. It was a refurb unit from Z Automotive. I upgraded the firmware to the latest. It already had some settings on it when I plugged it in. It had all sorts of stuff turned on. So I used the manual to put settings back to what I think they should be. I even turned off the settings that might pertain to my car because I don't need SRT pages when my car comes with it, maybe that was a mistake, but the instructions and videos don't tell you the whole story.

Anyway, I figured turning off those things like SRT pages might affect the car even though they come with the car as stock. But I did the reboot and 2 car sleeps and tried all the functions. Everything worked and the settings that MY tazer came with stayed off, such as start in Track Mode.

Now today I go to drive and the backup camera isn't working and SRT button the console isn't either. I tried unmarry a few times following the instructions on how to do so. I married it again and checked the settings and the settings I turned off are back on, stock settings I assume, such as camera and SRT pages. Ok maybe those should have be on, but no harm they are on now. Still nothing works. I tried unmarry again and pulled it out of the car and still nothing.

Please help! I texted Z Automotive from the urgent number on the website and emailed and haven't heard back.
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To get them, you're best bet is to message them on Facebook. They do respond quickly there.
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