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HELP Tazer screwed up my car!!

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Ok so just installed the double bypass and the tazer in my 2019 HC RE WB. It was a refurb unit from Z Automotive. I upgraded the firmware to the latest. It already had some settings on it when I plugged it in. It had all sorts of stuff turned on. So I used the manual to put settings back to what I think they should be. I even turned off the settings that might pertain to my car because I don't need SRT pages when my car comes with it, maybe that was a mistake, but the instructions and videos don't tell you the whole story.

Anyway, I figured turning off those things like SRT pages might affect the car even though they come with the car as stock. But I did the reboot and 2 car sleeps and tried all the functions. Everything worked and the settings that MY tazer came with stayed off, such as start in Track Mode.

Now today I go to drive and the backup camera isn't working and SRT button the console isn't either. I tried unmarry a few times following the instructions on how to do so. I married it again and checked the settings and the settings I turned off are back on, stock settings I assume, such as camera and SRT pages. Ok maybe those should have be on, but no harm they are on now. Still nothing works. I tried unmarry again and pulled it out of the car and still nothing.

Please help! I texted Z Automotive from the urgent number on the website and emailed and haven't heard back.
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Ok maybe that wasn't in his original play list. I watched almost all of those video when setting the thing up.
Ok thanks GOTGAP, just had to unhook the negative terminal for 30 minutes, hook it back up and wait 20 minutes or so. Not sure I can trust the Tazer if it screwed my car up like this when I haven't even done any programming. I like the idea, but...
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Ok here's what I think happened. Since mine was refurbed it already had some stuff set, total oversight by Z Automotive (which is not reassuring) or that is a default setting (who knows). Regardless of that I'm kind of anal about these sorts of things and I went and turned a lot of stuff off as my car comes with it stock and I didn't want it to mess things up. Now it takes a few sleep cycles for everything to take affect (which I did) and mine didn't show up until the next day.

Here's the positive.

1. It's safe, couldn't be sold if it could alter important stuff like disable air bags.
2. I think the fault here was mine. Based on what I did, not my fault based on the support given. See below.
3. To return to stock just unmarry the device, reboot, sleep cycles, yada, yada, yada, but every now and again, depending on car, I would assume, you might have to disconnect the ground cable for 30 minutes to clear all the memory out and bam car is as good as new. But until I found that I was freaking out. I was also out on the road from my perspective I had a car that wasn't working correctly. Who knows if it could have stranded me somewhere.

Would I buy it again having known this, yes.

Here's the negative. Take this from a small business owner.

1. I suspect the owner is the one fielding all the tech calls, therefore he is swamped. He needs a better system. The manual tells you a lot, but it doesn't explain things very well at all. It doesn't mention anything about how to fix problems, other than Unmarry and 4 or 5 symptoms at the bottom. It is poorly written. It doesn't outline procedures very well and is not consistent throughout and not all navigation through it's menus work.
2. Tech support sucks. I tried the "hot line" for emergencies and an email. It's been a day and half and no response. I emailed support before buying and I'll have 3 questions in an email and all I received back was "yeah". Really? This happened every time I sent one. I had questions and very little of what I wanted to know was answered.
3. Some of the questions I wanted answered was because the website descriptions are non-existent, it's a total crap shoot of what you're going to get or how to use it. I bought like almost every accessory for this thing and had questions about all of it; even after watching someone else's videos. And some of those purchased were based on what support told me. Now I'm out about $100 in accessories I didn't need! I can return of course, which I will, but I'll be out shipping costs I assume.

Now, maybe because I'm an engineer that has to write SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) all the time for employees to train them or to follow instructions, but after learning about this device and it's accessories, through frustration of lack of support, I bet I could make most answers go away by properly explaining stuff on his website. It would take me a day as he has a lot of products, but just for the ones in the tazer line up would take me 20 minutes with Dreamweaver.

P.S. In the tech support emails it even says, if I've answered all your questions the best way to say thanks is not send an email so my inbox doesn't fill up. That's one of the reasons why I think the owner is fielding all the service calls. Not that makes the a bit of difference from a consumer point of view.
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I think if it has the features you want you should go ahead and get it. I kind of just outlined what would happen worst case scenario. I plugged mine in again last night. I'm going to test it today and see how everything goes.
I think it'll be fine, just don't turn off the functions that the car already has. That's the tricky part the manual doesn't really say what options should be on, for stock, on each car. But if you read the descriptions in the manual you should be fine.
I figured it out. Thanks though.
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