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2015 Charger HC. The only mods are 180 stat, ATI 10% lower, deatschworks 1100 injectors, 1000hp driveline. Car keeps going into Catalyst protection mode dumping fuel at WOT, sometimes at 60-70% pedal. If I start cold, idle for 60 seconds and get into it, car runs amazing. Elevation 2500' building 12-13 PSI with this setup. Tuner seems knowledgeable and very friendly but he cannot remedy. Didn't really want to delete cats and was told I wouldn't have to. Hard to believe the cats are engineered for 700hp and not a penny more. Any ideas?
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Something does not sound right, lots of high hp cars running cats. If your tuned on HpTuners you may want to have someone else look at your tune. You either have a hardware problem with your cats or a tune problem - the cat over temp protection tables have a lot adjustability. There is no reason a car that is tuned correctly on 12-13 lbs. needs a cat delete. A bunch of 800hp pump gas cars and 900hp E85 cars are out there on factory cats without issues, running at the drag strip, etc.
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