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2015 Charger HC. The only mods are 180 stat, ATI 10% lower, deatschworks 1100 injectors, 1000hp driveline. Car keeps going into Catalyst protection mode dumping fuel at WOT, sometimes at 60-70% pedal. If I start cold, idle for 60 seconds and get into it, car runs amazing. Elevation 2500' building 12-13 PSI with this setup. Tuner seems knowledgeable and very friendly but he cannot remedy. Didn't really want to delete cats and was told I wouldn't have to. Hard to believe the cats are engineered for 700hp and not a penny more. Any ideas?
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Why not have your cake and even less flow resistance? Put a pipe on that goes around the catalyst with a valve. During normal hairiness, leave it open, even MORE flow than a straight pipe, and during "EPA completely ignores the shipping pollution atmospheric crisis" exhaust check, you shut the valves.
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