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Hmmm... another MINOR problem

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Anyone ELSE have a non-conforming/dead pixel in their 8.4" touch screen?

I have a pixel, or small cluster of pixels that are BRIGHT RED near the right side of my screen. With the screen dimmed into "night mode" it's not SO bad, but on max brightness it shows up pretty clear and even tends to 'twinkle' and 'flicker' reminding me that I have dead pixels!!!

I'm going to swing by ye olde Dealership on Monday and ask them to order me a new screen... what do you think my chances are?

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Ummm... I think my car HEALED itself?

The night before I was going to take her in to the dealership, suddenly the pixel is gone!

Is that possible? For a non conforming pixel to... fall in line? LOL

It was right next to the "info" button...

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Impossible? It thought so, but figured it out after I noticed there are now fifty more miles on the odometer; A tech-geek with a love for muscle cars broke in to your car, during the night, and after a hellish joyride, he felt so thankful to Dodge and indebted to you, he went ahead and fixed that for you, and put the car back where you left it. So all's well that ends well (you probably need new back tires, by the way.)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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