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What the actual eff
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thats been for sale for several months. It started on Ebay for $199k. Its a maxed out 50th 6 speed WB and they think they have gold.

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It's one of the most unpopular colors of all time. Even people who like Gold Rush know that people hate it and they can get it for cheaper.
Exactly, Goldrush just doesn't work as a color. My buddy bought a new Harley about 3 years ago and then got hit by a new driver and totaled his bike, insurance paid it off and he got a Goldrush Proglide (or Superglide, whatever the biggest one w 2 wheels is). He loves it, I can't stand it, there's kind of a greenish hue or something that ruins the gold.

I'm fairly certain that's the craziest thing I'll see today.
Then you haven't seen the $500K 2018 Demon some a**hole is advertising in Fla.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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