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Honestly...looking for some advice

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After being between cars for quite some time, I went ahead and ordered my sublime Hellcat yesterday. It's been on my mind for awhile so I decided to pull the trigger. I do quite a bit of networking for my business and spend some time with the "cars and coffee" crowd. In my neck of the woods, Ferraris, Lambos, Porsches etc. are a dime a dozen.

If you were doing business with a bunch of high-end Italian car owners, do you think the Hellcat is a good business decision? I have owned two Vipers and those cars are welcome anywhere. Do you think the Hellcat will hold up as well?

Thanks boys!
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The car may not be as well appointed and refined as a high end Italian car but my experience horsepower is usually a universal language. I would bet if you pulled up to the crowd you describe they would all want to go for atleast a ride in the cat and most would want to drive it to experience the power and feel. The real question is will any of them admit it out loud!
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